Estate Sale Finds!

I have been casually going to estate sales, getting to know the area and the way estate sales are handled here.  Our guests were here for a little over a week but I still managed to get to a memorial day estate sale right up the road.  I got a small crockpot, (the only size I didn’t have) that is perfect for entertaining.  I was told to get one with the “keep warm” setting because the old ones with just low and high will burn if left on low for a party.  So no vintage ones for me!  I scored this little crockpot for only $6.


I also spent more than I wanted on this vintage reproduction laundry sign, but it is sturdy and in perfect shape. It reminded me of the signs I would get at my favorite craft store in PA, Pat Catan’s.  They have discounted craft items, and I will miss that place now that I am residing in Florida.  But this is about the same price I would have paid there, so still a bargain.


Laundry sign: $8

Husband says we can make back the money in quarters when guests come to visit, haha.

Today I headed out on my own to another sale just up the street. This sale was a bit more sucessful And had more personality. Though the prices were high on most things, I found the “junk” I was interested in was pretty reasonably priced. Here’s my haul:


Now I’m honing in on that corn flower blue corningware. I don’t have much space in my kitchen, but I’ll store it away somewhere. The prices were a bit high, so I only got this pie plate for $4 today, but I’ll return tomorrow to see if they will wheel and deal for the last day.

The table runner, that matches my kitchen perfectly, was only $1, as was that Colonial Sugar tote bag.

You may be thinking why would anyone want old gauze pads, but I have a vignette I’m building in my bathroom of vintage personal hygiene and cosmetics packaging. Those were a steal at 25 cents, and as you can see back in the day they were 49 cents at Page Drugs!


I also got this evil eye for $1.75


The best deal was this cool leather jacket. I fell in love with the lining as lately I’ve been on the hunt for an old map.  It’s pretty war torn in areas but I love it.  It was a bargain at $2.


Hopefully tomorrow I can scoop up some more of the corningware and a few items I saw but could live without.

As always, I’ll keep ya posted!


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