The Universe paid me ten cents to take this shelf!

You know when you are insanely obsessed about getting a task done?  I’m like that about most things.  I tend to fully throw myself into the job until it is complete.  That’s exactly how I was about getting this new home in order.  I absolutely COULD NOT REST until I had every box unpacked and everything in its place.  I was panicking a little, as we have a smaller space than we wanted to get, and it was the first time combining a married couple’s belongings.  Even though I donated a ton of stuff before I moved, I still have a huge pile in the garage to donate here.  

But in the last couple of days I was able to turn the corner in the process, and now the fun is starting by decorating.

I know I have promised to do some posts, and they are coming, but today I want to show you the freebie I found a few days ago.  Here it is, the way I found it sitting on the side of the curb.  (There’s Judge Judy setting someone straight in the back on the TV.)


I was so psyched because I needed a shelf… and I took it home, and peeled off all that contact paper while listening to Judge Judy.  As I was peeling, a dime flew out!  So I got paid ten cents to take this shelf.  I gave it a good scrub, fully intending to paint it, but it actually looked really good in the living room just as this color.  So I left it for now.  I still need to fill the middle shelf, but I wanted to display a few wedding trinkets, and a few books. 


Now I’m on the lookout for artwork.  As I travel my estate sales, I’ll be on the hunt.

Have you ever found a great freebie? 


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