I’m Back!

You might have wondered what had happened to me.  Without going into much depressing detail (because this is a happy place and every cloud has a silver lining) a very close family member has gone to be with the Lord.  I was honored to have taken care of this person and helped them along their pathway.  Because of these sudden events, I had to also alter the timeline on my own life plans.  But as always, everything in its own time.  When any major life altering event happens, you really find out who’s got your back!  Several connections were broken, but several were made extra strong.

Now it is time for me to forge ahead!  In the words of Mathew Wilder “Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride.  Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no.   I got to keep on movin”

AND… I have moved, both figuratively and literally, and so far I love it!

After having a long distance marriage due to career and illness, the hubby and I are finally together!

So with that little summary taken care of, here is what you can expect soon on the blog:

  • Hubby and I celebrated our two-year anniversary by going to an estate sale.  My first in our new area of Florida!  We got some good deals and I’m going to of course recap that soon!
  • With Florida weather, I am learning that I’ll need some new makeup products.  An E.L.F. haul is soon to come!
  • AND a makeup showdown/ review between two makeup setting products, stay tuned!

I’m really excited to be back and sharing my thrifty and beauty tips with you all again.  Till next time…..


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