Sweet and Frugal Gift for My Valentine

Today’s post is to show you how simple, and frugal a valentine gift can be.  This is the little care package I am sent to my man for Feb 14th.  My husband and I have had a long distance relationship, pretty much since we met, due to career stuff and life stuff.  I am accustomed to sending him care packages to let him know how much I care, and sometimes they can get a little silly.  I was working on a valentine theme package to send, nothing extravagant, just a little token.  So I was thinking about all of the special moments that we shared leading up to our marriage, and decided to find little items to represent those moments that mean so much to me.  Here is the collection of items I purchased at the local Dollar Tree.  For $9, I think this is a cute little valentine to brighten his day a bit.
Each gift represents a memory from our past together.  (FYI, the folded origami star dollar bill is a play on words for “Starbucks” since one of our early dates led us there.)  I then wrapped each item and labeled it with the order I want him to open them, so he can walk down memory lane from our first date to the present.  I also wrote a little note on each gift so he can know what memory it corresponds with.  Sometimes it’s hard for anyone to know how the connections are made in my brain!
Lastly, I decorated the packages with these cute foamy glitter heart stickers, also found at the Dollar Tree.
20150204_153228  As you can see, it didn’t take much time, or money to put together this little thoughtful gift.  Hopefully he has fun opening these items, and reminiscing about our journey together thus far. 

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