Why I’ll Never Care About the “Best and Worst Anything on the Red Carpet” List

Hey, we all have opinions.  And as you can see, I’m going to state mine here.  I’ll never NOT have an opinion, BUT I also am becoming more forgiving with age, and less worried about the trivial things of the world.  So when those best dressed/ worst dressed lists come out after the red carpet events that celebs attend, I look at them, but I form my own opinions.  Sometimes I might agree with the list, and sometimes I might not.  But more than agreeing or disagreeing, I’m just purely interested from a fashion standpoint about what everyone was wearing.  Fashion is an interesting topic to me, because like anything else in life, it comes down to personal flavor, interest, and likes/ dislikes.  Different strokes for different folks as they say.
(Photo Dailymail.co.uk)
I guess it’s just hard for me to understand who decides these “worst” and “best” fashion decisions.  If there is some super secret panel out there, wouldn’t these uber successful and wealthy designers making these dresses (that sometimes end up on the worst lists) have access to this esoteric group?  Wouldn’t the group tell them to just back down from that design because it’s so bad no one will ever EVER want to put it on?  But a celebrity did put it on.  And one of those celebrities was most likely dressed by someone equally as plugged into the fashion industry, so much so in fact that their only job is to select outfits for celebrities.  And my friends, you must have a better success rate at that job than a weatherperson, or else you will never work in the field again!  So there’s at least three people right there that liked that look!mtv.com
(Photo mtv.com)
We tend to think of bullying as a children centered topic, but where does it start?  What’s so different about this secret fashion panel, than the self appointed fashionistas of the high school, middle school, or elementary school?  The self appointed kids also let everyone know who is best and worst dressed daily.  What makes THEIR opinions the end all and be all?  Why do they get to make “THE LIST?”  I know the world isn’t going to change, but I think we need to change the way we look at the world.  We need to tell our youth, and ourselves, that our opinions are as different as our choices in life.  Until we make it the norm to teach acceptance, we can continue to expect the trickle down into our youth, that follows with us sometimes for life.
(Photo zap2it.com)
Who cares what she is wearing?  If I don’t like it, I won’t wear it.   (Btw I think all of the above ladies look fabulous!)

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