Last Minute Rite Aid Run


So you have waited till about the last dying minute (or you will wait to the last dying minute) to order a gift for your valentine, and the thought of going to a mall or department store for an overpriced and under thought out gift is causing you to groan.  You aren’t a marathon shopper, and you don’t have a clue.  If any of these scenarios sound like you, then these simple gift ideas might be just what you need to save Valentine’s Day.
Believe it or not, you CAN get your hunnie a cute gift at the Rite Aid, or local drugstore, and I mean outside of the few aisles they have specifically designated for Valentine’s Day (though that is a perfect place to start.)  
  • Pizza/ Ice Cream:  Many drugstores have a small frozen foods section where you can pick up a frozen pizza and some pints of ice cream.  
  • Tech Stuff:  Power banks, flash drives, cds, dvds, batteries, etc.
  • Garden Accessories:  It’s that time and retailers have already begun to stock garden pots, decor, solar lights, and plant foods.  Put together a little spring themed gift for the gardener in your life.
  • Body Scents:  Travel or larger size body sprays, colognes and perfumes, are perfect for throwing in a desk or bag, and the smaller sizes are often TSA accepted.  
  • Minty Surprise:  Mints, Gum, Mouthwash, and lip balms to suggest that smooches will be occurring later!
  • Bath Products:  Bubble bath, epsom salts, bath salts, lotions in a favorite scent.
  • Hand Care/ Foot Care:  Bath Salts, pumice stone, lotions, scrubs, nail polish
  • Photo Gifts: If you have a little more time, some drugstores create customized photo gifts like mousepads, mugs, etc.  But if time is a factor, print out one nice photo instantly, and put it in a nice frame.
  • Lottery:  Tell him/ her you won the lotto, and give your love some scratch offs, or lotto tickets!
  • Curl up with a good read:  Assortment of magazines, or books.
  • Tea/ Coffee themed gift:  Tea assortments, coffee selections, cookies, chocolates, candies, valentine mug.
  • Artsy:  Art supplies.  You aren’t going to find any professional art supplies here, but if your honey is a crafter, they might appreciate some fresh markers, sharp colored pencils, and vibrant paper.
  • Electronic Stuff:  Headphones, speakers, computer mice.
  • Movie Night:  DVD player, Popcorn, Movies, Movie theatre candy, and drinks.  Create an at home movie night date.
  • As Seen On TV:  Many drugstores have an endcap or area with only As Seen On TV products.  Many of these products are neat, useful, or quirky gadgets that are actually quite effective or useful.  My Rite Aid has the Magic Bullet Mini advertised right now!
  • Thermometer:  Include a tag that says “You give me fever!”  (Ok this one is a bit cheesy, but so is a lot of other Valentine merchandise, right?!)

(I do not professionally or personally endorse any products or companies mentioned in this post.  This should be used only as a guide.)


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