Saturday’s Estate Sale Finds

Saturday morning I woke up to this:
So I went back to bed.
Then when I got up a bit later, I ventured out on the hunt.
The first sale was a bit of a wash.  It was about only two rooms of stuff, and everything was really expensive.  I managed to find one item that I was pretty excited about though…. Voila.
It’s a 50’s era Hostess Diner Napkin holder.  I paid $8 for this bad boy right here.  My dad said it’s all banged up (it’s seen perhaps a little fall off a table in its day) but I think it has character.
I spoke briefly with a nice woman in the driveway.  She bought a souvenir spoon, and asked me what I purchased.  We talked about our love of vintage, and I mentioned that I like the aesthetic of the 50’s, to which she said, “well yeah because that’s your generation.”  And I asked, “Wait a minute… how old do you think I am!?!!”  We both laughed, and she explained since I was so much younger, that I most likely was drawn to that era, and not her “primitive style era.”  We both had a chuckle and braved the slick conditions to our cars and wished each other a good weekend.
Now, I had caught the bug, and with only one treasure found, I decided to go off to another sale I had scoped out online the previous night.  So off I went….
And fortunately I did because I scored the most beautiful color of shiny brites that I have ever seen!  Are you seeing what I’m seeing?!
There they were… squirreled away in a dark basement just awaiting my rescue.  I’ve found you oh my beautiful pink shiny brites!
And just look at the precious graphics on those boxes.  So swoon worthy….
I milled around, half guarding my finds and half browsing.  I scooped up the small ones and put them in my canvas bag that I always take with me.  But I had my eye on these beautiful foot lockers/ trunks, and wanted to wait 45 minutes until noon when everything would go to HALF OFF!  (By the way, I tried those hats on using the hover method of trying on a hat.  They looked ridiculous on me.)
I also managed to place this mamma jamma in my canvas bag, along with all those shiny brites.
And this corningware teapot, with (I believe the pattern is called) blue cornflowers on it.  I have one in the spice o life pattern, but am going to consign that one as I’m focusing on this blue pattern now.  In my early days I picked up anything vintage for cheap, but now I’m narrowing my collections to a more “distinct” and “discernible” taste.  This pattern was the one my gramma had, so it has special meaning to me.  PLUS, it goes oh so wonderfully with my 50’s style wedding gifts of an aqua kitchenaid mixer, and (you guessed it) pink coffee maker and blender.  🙂  (This is not THE exact teapot because mine still needs a good bath.)


I also got some not so exciting items, like light bulbs, brand new golf balls for the hubby, and cutting mats for craft projects.  I was actually pretty excited about the mats, because the one is pretty humongous and I just know it will come in handy down the road.
Overall I made it to the half off, and no one wanted the stuff I wanted because I got the footlockers too!
The haul concluded with:
2 foot lockers:  $20 ea
1 old clothing trunk:  $25
2 cutting mats: $1.50
All the shiny brites:  $2.50
Corningware teapot: $1
Candlebra: $1
Hostess Napkin Holder: $8
And a good day was had by all!
If anyone has any information on these items that they would like to share, I would just love learning about their history.  If you have any nostalgic memories to share, please comment below!

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