One Person’s Treasure is Another Person’s Treasure

estate sale paper image

The free local paper comes every Thursday, and though it is a sparse time of year for estate sales, I always check the classifieds.  There it is.  A listing with potential.  So now I am waiting like a child for Christmas morning.  What kinds of treasures await?  Will I find that perfect little trinket?
While I don’t attend them often, estate sales can be a little different than just a trip to the thrift store.  A lot of times while shopping estate sales, you can get a better sense of the history behind the person’s collection.  I absolutely love exploring these time capsules, and learning their history.  At times they can be a bit sad, as the reality of estate sales is that most happen when there is a death in the family.  But so many times I have connected with the family or the group handling the estate, and they have told me how great they feel that a younger person like myself is honoring their well loved, and long collected possession.
So on Saturday morning I will be perhaps braving a snow storm to visit an estate sale.  I’ll be sure to post any noteworthy finds!

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