Throwback Thursday: Dunkaroo Deliciousness

Photo credit taylorhatmaker  Foter  CC BY

Photo credit taylorhatmaker Foter CC BY

Today is throwback Thursday!  This one is straight from the 90’s and conjures up memories of my school lunchbox.  Sadly it would be nearly impossible to find the good ole Dunkaroos on store shelves now, (at least in the USA).  Cue the lyrics to “don’t know what you got till it’s gone.”  😦   But have no fear because here is a recipe that I love for a few reasons.
1.  It is very similar to that sweet dunkaroo deliciousness.
2.  It’s super easy and quick to whip together.
3.  It travels well.
4.  It is lower in fat than most delectable treats so you won’t have the guilt factor.

eat yourself skinny kelly

image from Eat Yourself Skinny

This recipe comes from Eat Yourself Skinny and that website is full of wonderful and tasty recipes!  I recently made this to take to a holiday gathering, but adjusted the recipe a bit.  It’s amazing as is, but here were my adjustments:
Dunkaroo Copycat Recipe
1 (18.9 oz) box Funfetti cake mix
2 cups of fat free vanilla yogurt
1 container of lite cool whip
1 tsp imitation vanilla
Combine all ingredients until incorporated well, and garnish with more sprinkles if desired.  Cover and chill for about 4 hours before serving.  I used animal cookies, and graham crackers as the dippers, but feel free to add whatever you wish.  

*Note:  I do not know if these adjustments change the WW points/ calories, so please do not hold me to that info.  If that is completely vital to you, please follow Kelly’s recipe.

** Frugal Tip **   If you won’t use a large (I believe they are 32 oz size) tub of yogurt, check to see if a brand of the smaller single serve cups are on sale instead.

Enjoy your trip back to the 90’s!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Dunkaroo Deliciousness

  1. hey margarit (i think that i spell this differently each time i write it) i love this, and i think that you brought this dunkaroo yummy to my house one time, do you remember?


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